Card Policy

At Zurapay, we are deeply committed to ensuring the security of our valued customers and vehemently discourage any form of fraudulent activity or misuse of the Zurapay Card. Addressing two pivotal concerns – chargebacks and insufficient funds – we have bolstered our policy to combat fraudulent activities and enhance the protection of our platform and customers. Our comprehensive policy is designed to promote honesty, transparency, and responsible use of our Virtual Cards. Kindly review the following guidelines:

Fraudulent Chargebacks:

In the event that a user makes a purchase on an eCommerce platform or elsewhere, receives the goods, and subsequently files for a chargeback, claiming non-receipt of the item, Zurapay considers this behavior as fraudulent. In such cases, we pledge full cooperation with the relevant authorities by providing the user’s identity and all pertinent transaction details.

Consequences for the user are severe and may include the permanent termination of their Zurapay Card. Furthermore, any remaining funds in the user’s Zurapay Card may be forfeited as a penalty for attempted fraud.

Insufficient Funds and Declined Transactions:

Zurapay understands that situations may arise where users face declined transactions due to insufficient funds in their Virtual Card. The following scenarios outline potential penalties:

a. Adding cards to services without sufficient funds: Users are encouraged to ensure adequate funds in their Zurapay Card before linking it to any services or platforms. In case of a transaction decline due to insufficient funds in the Virtual Card, a penalty fee of $1 will be charged from the user’s card.

b. Service providers unable to debit customers instantly: Instances where service providers cannot instantly debit customers for purchases may lead to repeated purchases without deduction. If a user exploits such situations, making multiple purchases that the service provider cannot deduct, a penalty fee of $1 will be charged from the user’s card. Alternatively, any remaining funds in the user’s Zurapay Card may be forfeited as a penalty for attempted fraud, depending on the severity and frequency of the violation.

Encouraging Honesty and Transparency:

Zurapay strongly discourages any form of fraudulent behavior or misuse of the Virtual Cards. We emphasize the paramount importance of honesty and transparency in all transactions conducted through our platform. Users are encouraged to promptly report any issues or discrepancies and cooperate with us to resolve any encountered problems.

Please note that the mentioned penalties are subject to change based on the severity and frequency of violations. Zurapay reserves the right to take appropriate actions, including legal recourse if necessary, to safeguard our platform and customers from fraudulent activities.

Card Limits & Fees:

Card Limits:

  • Maximum single deposit: $5,000
  • Minimum single deposit: $5
  • Maximum single transaction: $10,000
  • Maximum card balance: $10,000
  • Monthly transaction limit: $10,000
  • Minimum card balance: $0
  • Maximum cards creation: 6

Usage: The Zurapay Dollar card empowers you to make international payments across a diverse range of platforms and secure 3D websites.

Rates & Conversion: When funding your card, you will be informed of the prevailing exchange rate, and the corresponding Naira amount will be deducted from your wallet. Please note that the exchange rate for funding your Zurapay Dollar card is directly influenced by the frequent fluctuations in the dollar/naira market.

Transaction Fees: A 1% transaction fee (minimum of $1 and a maximum of $5) will be deducted from your card for each purchase or payment. For example, for a $10 transaction, 1% of this is $0.1. Since the minimum fee is $1, you’ll be charged a total of $11.

For a $10,000 transaction at 1%, the fee is $100, but the maximum fee is $5, resulting in a payment of $10,005 instead of $10,100.

Maintenance Fee: There is a $1 monthly maintenance fee per active card, provided the card has completed at least one successful debit transaction in a month.

By adhering to this policy, we aim to continuously elevate the integrity and security of our Virtual Cards, fostering a trustworthy environment for all Zurapay customers.